29 ledna, 2023

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Tommy DeCarlo – Dancing In The Moonlight

9 prosince, 2022


1. Dancing In The Moonlight
2. Change Our Fate
3. Beyond Forever
4. Life Is Just A Game
5. No Surrender
6. The Game Is On
7. This Road Will Lead To You
8. In The Hands Of Fate
9. Find The Love
10. Home To You
11. Spread Your Wings And Fly
12. You And Me


Tommy DeCarlo vocals
David Julian guitars on 1,2,4,5,6,9,11,12
Martin Jepsen Andersen guitars on 3,7,8,10
August Zadra guitar solo on 1
Alessandro Del Vecchio bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Nicholas Papapicco drums


9 prosince, 2022
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